September 16, 2022
New Batch of Android and iOS Apps Contain Adware and Malware

Delete the Following Apps Right Now or Risk Getting Ripped Off for Some Serious Cash

More Android and iOS apps containing malware and adware in have been discovered in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, so delete them…

Another batch of bad acting malware apps have been found on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Unfortunately, they were downloaded more than 2.4 million times. Per usual, these mobile applications posed as legitimate ones, offering wallpapers, entertainment streams, and music downloads. In reality, they were deploying malicious code and/or running adware.

New Batch of Android and iOS Apps Contain Adware and Malware

As with some of the more devious schemes, these malicious actors can’t simply be uninstalled by tapping on their icons. That’s because the apps in question hide their presence so victims can’t easily find them. Besides delivering adware, some of the apps rip off unsuspecting consumers by secretly making in-app purchases ranging from $2 to $10. These have resulted in ripping victims off to the tune of approximately $500,000.

What’s more, some of these apps gained more victims through the promotion of a trio of TikTok users, one of which boasts 300,000 followers. That’s led to many more people installing the apps in question and being victimized in one way or another. Here are the apps to avoid or uninstall immediately:

  • ThemeZone – Shawky App Free – Shock My Friends
  • Tap Roulette ++Shock my Friend
  • Ulimate Music Downloader – Free Download Music
  • Shock My Friends – Satuna
  • 666 Time
  • ThemeZone – Live Wallpapers
  • shock my friend tap roulette v

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