September 20, 2022
new BlackRock malware steals login info and card data from 337 apps

This New Malware Siphons Login Credentials and Card Data from a Whopping 337 Apps

BlackRock is a new malware that’s making its way around and it is capable of hacking into hundreds of banking, messaging, and social media apps…

A new strain of malware is on the loose. And, it has the ability to compromise an astounding 337 apps. These include banking apps, dating apps, messaging apps, as well as social media apps, and even more. It steals login information, such as usernames and passwords with a very clever and clandestine strategy. 

New BlackRock Malware Steals Login Info and Card Data from 337 Apps

Security researchers say the new BlackRock malware targets Android devices and programs and that it’s based on the code of another malicious code called Xerxes. However, this particular software is enhanced with additional features. Additional features that steal login data and credit and debit card information.

Here’s how the malicious code works. BlackRocks makes use of overlays. For those unfamiliar, overlays detect when a person interacts with a legitimate mobile application. Once triggered, the malware secretly deploys a fake overlay window on top of a genuine app’s real interface. Since it perfectly mimics the target app’s appearance, victims enter their login details and/or card information, which is then copied and stolen.

This trojan can not only steal personal and sensitive information, it can also intercept SMS or text messages, show custom push notifications, sabotage mobile antivirus apps, spam victims’ contacts with predefined SMS texts, and more. To see the full details of the new BlackRock malware, read the report over at ThreatFabric.

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