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Nasty Malware Wipes Victims’ Phones after Robbing Them

New BRAT Android Malware Steals Banking Credentials then Factory Resets Victims' Phones

A new strain of Android BRAT malware factory reset victims’ phones after stealing banking information from them…

There’s yet another security threat making its way around the internet. This particular campaign relies on some old tried and true tricks but has a scary new ability to conceal its true functionality. The malicious code monitors banking applications and activities on victims’ devices, steals from them, and then leaves the scene of the crime without a trace.

New BRAT Android Malware Steals Banking Credentials, then Factory Resets Victims’ Phones

The malware version is deployed through legitimate-looking Android mobile applications. Once these fake apps are installed, it unleashes the BRAT malware code, which has historically been used to break into victims’ bank accounts and even initiate unauthorized wire transfers.

This new strain takes things a step further. It not only clandestinely monitors the victims’ device for financial data, but it also has the new ability to factory reset their phones. Of course, people who are ripped off don’t even know it and their devices are wiped clean of any trace of the malicious software. Basically, the process allows cybercriminals to break into their victims’ devices, capture banking login information, and steal from them, only to set their devices back to factory conditions.

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