November 4, 2022
Chrome mobile visual tab switcher

Google Actually Released a New Visual Tab Switch for Chrome on Mobile

Google has added a welcome new feature to Chrome for mobile — the ability to rearrange tabs on Android to keep things better organized…

Many individuals keep numerous browser tabs open on their mobile devices, laptops, and desktops machines. These quickly become unwieldy and difficult to manage. But, help is on the way for all those interfaces.

New Chrome Mobile Visual Tab Switcher Introduced

Over the next few weeks, Google is releasing new tab management tools for Chrome on Android, as well as the web. This includes a visual tiled tab switcher and grouper on mobile.

These make organization easier as tabs can easily be rearranged and dormant tabs dismissed. Overall, it’s a welcome function that really helps to clean things up.

Margret Schmidt, Senior Director of Product Management and User Experience, for Chrome writes:

“There‚Äôs also a new way to group tabs on your Android device, which helps you keep track of the tabs that are open. To do this, drag and drop one tab on top of another in the new tab grid layout. After opening one of the grouped tabs, you can easily switch between the tabs in the group using the new tab switcher at the bottom of your screen.”

Credit: Google

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