November 14, 2022

Google is Pushing Out a Compact Version of its Pixel 4 Assistant to Older Model Devices

Google is shipping a compact version of its new Pixel 4 Assistant to older model phones but it doesn’t include all the bells and whistles…

For those who aren’t quite ready or don’t want to drop the cash on a Google Pixel 4 but do wish for some of its upgrades, here’s some good news. Google is now actively rolling out a new, albeit compact version, of its Assistant for Pixel 4 to older phones.

New Compact Version of the Pixel 4 Google Assistant Starts Showing Up on Older Model Devices

The new compact version of the Pixel 4 Google Assistant is currently showing up on Pixel 3s and it’s notable different from its last incarnation.

It’s smaller, only occupying the space needed, rather than taking up the entire screen. However, it does not sport all the latest features. So, it’s missing continued conversations, along with screen context features. Plus, the interface itself doesn’t include the newest look. Although, many familiar characteristics remain.

It appears Google might be experimenting with a smaller version in order to better refine it. It seems like it’s testing a modified version that will act more like a background operator rather than an interruptive, front-and-center experience.

To be eligible to try it out, it’s necessary to be enrolled in the latest Google app beta program.

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