September 16, 2022
YouTube mobile usage trends

New Data Shows YouTube Mobile Usage Trends

A new infographic from comScore reveals some interesting YouTube mobile usage trends about the popular video publishing platform owned by Google…

YouTube announced last week it now serves one billion hours of content per day. By comparison, Facebook serves 100 million hours per day, a tenth the size. This clearly demonstrates how dominant YouTube really is in relation to market share. Although, Facebook’s live-streaming continues to gain momentum, YouTube remains the go-to medium. 

Report Breaks Down YouTube Mobile Usage Trends

One insight coming from the comScore study reveals searches on YouTube are now nearly equal as “Googling.” Additionally, 70 percent of all time on the platform is viewed on mobile devices, leaving just 30 percent for desktop. 

YouTube mobile usage trends
Credit: comScore

Broken down by gender and age uncovers even more useful data. Males ages 18 to 34 watch 30 percent on desktop but 70 percent on mobile. Females the same ages spend just 18 percent on desktop and 82 percent on mobile. Men ages 35 to 49 watch 32 percent on desktop and 68 percent on mobile. Women of the same ages watch 19 percent on desktop and 81 percent on mobile. For men age 50+, 43 percent view via desktop and 57 percent on mobile. Women 50+ view 28 percent via desktop and 72 on mobile.

Mobile YouTube viewing is shorter-form but also more frequent, equaling 3 times more views on mobile over desktop. Out of the top 100 channels on YouTube, 99 experience greater audience reach on mobile than desktop. For all viewers, the total monthly minutes per person on desktop comes in at 355 but 847 monthly minutes on mobile. Moreover, users watch 76 videos each month on desktop, versus 230 videos on mobile.

Last month, YouTube announced unskippable pre-roll ads are leaving the video platform.

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