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Microsoft Edge might Actually be Stealing Users from Google Chrome, New Stats Suggest

New Data Suggest Microsoft Edge is Taking Google Chrome Market Share

Credit: Wccftech

Microsoft Edge is beginning to gain a larger browser market share, peeling off a small portion of Google Chrome users for the first time…

Microsoft Edge could be making a real move to become a serious contender in the browser wars. Google Chrome has dominated the web portal market share for several years now. But, recent data compiled by Statcounter suggest Microsoft Edge’s revamped product is on the verge of actually stealing away users from Google’s Chrome, which routinely ranks as number one, far above all competitors.

New Data Suggest Microsoft Edge is Taking Google Chrome Market Share

Microsoft Edge exceeded 4% for the first time ever in November of this year, placing third behind Safari’s 19.22% and Chrome’s 64.06% market shares. For those keeping track, this uptick in Edge is at the expense of Chrome, which previously claimed a market share of 65.27% this summer. During the same period, Safari’s numbers remained virtually the same.

Meanwhile, alternative rivals Firefox stands at 3.91% in fourth, and Samsung Internet rounds out the top five with 2.8% market share. (Opera comes in last with just 2.34%.) Of course, this could be a short-term anomaly, but given Microsoft’s aggressive push, it could indicate an industry shift. However, the gap remains massive between Chrome and Edge.

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