November 3, 2022
new desktop Google Photos movie timeline editor

Google Quietly Adds a New Movie Timeline Editor to its Web Interface

Google has added a new movie timeline editor for its web interface, providing users with an easy way to make small changes…

The majority of Google’s efforts to improve its various services are focused on mobile. That necessarily means the desktop experience is somewhat neglected. For instance, Google improved its Photos app for Android and iOS with a new movie editor but the Photos web client didn’t get the same upgrade. Now, it’s here.

New Desktop Google Photos Movie Timeline Editor Appears

The new desktop Google Photos movie timeline editor isn’t exactly complex. In fact, the tool is very bare bones. There’s no filter options or an ability to add text overlays. However, it is possible to add clips and pictures, along with trimming and re-positioning them inside the timeline.

Also, it does allow users to change the music tracks but it does not support uploading custom tunes. So, it’s not something that will — by any means — replace basic video editing software.

Here’s a screenshot, captured by¬†Android Police, of the new desktop Google Photos movie timeline editor:

new desktop Google Photos movie timeline editor tool
Credit: Android Police / Google

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