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PC Gamers Beware! There’s a New Phishing Scam Hitting Discord Right Now

New Discord Phishing Scam Targets PC Gamers and Steal Steam Credentials

Credit: Business Insider

Discord is being leveraged by cyber-criminals to propagate a new phishing scam against PC gamers to steal their Steam login credentials…

Discord is unfortunately the new landscape for spreading a new phishing scam. This time, it’s a malicious campaign to rip off PC gamers by promising a free Discord Nitro subscription simply by linking up their Steam accounts. Of course, it’s an offer that’s too good to be true and it is because it’s an outright fraud. The hoax is effective, due to its clever use of a very-real looking, but fake Steam login page.

New Discord Phishing Scam Targets PC Gamers and Steal Steam Credentials

The new Discord phishing scheme entices possible victims with a phony message reading, “See, here free nitro 1 month, just link your Steam account and enjoy.” It’s made to appear genuine and that’s why it’s working to deceive a number of people. The link included takes potential victims over to a phishing website. It contains a bogus Steam login page, which captures the credentials.

It even includes the proper “” domain, but unfortunately, it too is a fake. However, it’s yet another deceitful tool to trick make the entire thing look real. But, it’s actually rife with theft as security researchers have found more than a hundred other scammy domains registered to the IP address used by the threat actors in this scam.

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