May 26, 2022
new Dropbox app

The New Dropbox App is Here and Rolling Out Today

Dropbox is pushing out its new desktop app, beginning today, which includes some useful new productivity features to use on-the-go…

This past June, Dropbox unveiled a preview of its new UI or user interface. It’s a standalone app that integrates with other programs, like Slack, G Suite, Zoom, and more.

The New Dropbox App Starts Rolling Out Today

The latest version of Dropbox comes with a “For You” tab, which pulls information from calendars and shows recent activities.

There’s also “People pages,” that allows users to see everything shared and/or collaborated. It also syncs up cloud files from Google Docs and Office 365 accounts.

Additionally, there’s Dropbox Transfer which supports files between 100 MB with Basic and as much as 100 GB for Pro and Business accounts.

Furthermore, it’s now possible to search for things within images. The tool works with JPG, PNG, and GIF files.

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