January 12, 2022
Edison email smart assistant features

Edison Email just Got these New Gmail Inbox-Like Features that make It a Smarter Tool

Edison Mail, formerly known as EasilyDo, now offers a few familiar tools, much like Inbox by Gmail, that help users stay in-the-know…

Popular Gmail alternative email client Edison first came out under a different name in 2017. At the time, it was way ahead of its peers, offering such features as Smart Replies, something that many rivals didn’t have back then. Now, Edison Mail is getting some improvements via a new built-in smart assistant.

New Edison Email Smart Assistant Bill Reminders, Upcoming Trip and Events, and more Features Debut

Already known for managing email subscriptions, bulk message deletion, and sender blocking, Edison is about to get better. Among the new tools are calendar integration which offer event reminders. It can also let users know when bills are coming due, plus trip reminders.

If all of these sound familiar, its because Inbox by Gmail sported them all and then some. The now dead Google email client could do all that and more. For instance, save links right inside the interface, automatically sorting by grouping communications, plus others.

Edison Mail wrote in a press release:

“New Assistant feature puts your upcoming meetings, travel itinerary, event details, and more all in one place to preview at a glance.”

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