December 2, 2021
Etsy free shipping prioritization

Etsy Announces Plan to Prioritize Items with Free Shipping and Sellers aren’t Happy

Etsy has announced it will prioritize items with free shipping over those which come with a delivery charge, causing sellers to complain…

Online vintage and handmade e-commerce site Etsy is alerting sellers it will change its algorithms to prioritize items and shops with free shipping, starting July 30th. 

New Etsy Free Shipping Prioritization Announced

CEO Josh Silverman sent an email announcing the change, citing shoppers are 20 percent more likely to complete purchases on items with free shipping.

While this figure might indeed be accurate, sellers aren’t welcoming the news. Instead, sellers are taking to Twitter to voice their concerns about the change.

Sellers’ consensus sentiment is such a move will necessarily require them to charge higher prices. And, that’s precisely what the platform suggests doing — building the shipping fees into their prices.

Cambridge-based artist Katie Fuller, whose run her Etsy shop out of the UK since 2015, bemoans the change, saying:

“If I [raise my prices], then I’ll be making my prices uncompetitive for customers elsewhere. Most of my customers are in the UK; it wouldn’t make sense for me to do it so it sounds like I can wave goodbye to my American sales.”

Etsy already features many items and shops on the first page of its search results which offer free shipping. Meanwhile, Etsy earned an annual revenue of $603.7 million last year. 

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