October 3, 2022
New Experimental Google Nest Hub Max App Draw Spotted in the Wild

Google is Testing a New ‘App’ Launcher on the Nest Hub Max

Google is working on an app drawer for the Nest Hub Max, bringing expanded functionality to the smart display largely absent before…

Google first shipped its initial smart display back in 2019. Since that time, it’s undergone a rebrand and the original device was followed by a bigger version, known as the Nest Hub Max. Fast forward to October of last year, Google applied a redesign with more interactivity, along with a dark mode. Now, Google is testing an app launcher, though these are more akin to shortcuts.

New Experimental Google Nest Hub Max App Draw Spotted in the Wild

Officially, apps on the Nest Hub Max are called “Actions on Google” and everything that launches is quite simple. In the experiment, there are several icons, which include the following visible in a video posted on Reddit by user linardni: Assistant, Broadcast, Calendar, Contacts, Duo, Games, Meet, Netflix, News, Pandora, Podcasts, Reminders, Shopping, Stories, Timer, Weather, YT Music, YT TV, YouTube, and Zoom.

Of course, this is just an early test, which means it may or may not enjoy a wide, stable rollout to all Nest Hub Max devices. If it does, it could open up a whole lot of functionality, but just how those actions will happen remains to be seen.

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