November 7, 2022
new Facebook ad transparency policy

Facebook will Begin Providing Users with More Details about Ads They See on the Network

Facebook has announced it will provide more information about the ads it displays on its platform, giving them additional details…

Practically everyone on Facebook has come across a strange ad to two (or more). Facebook provides a little bit of information about the ads it displays. But, until this point, it’s very generalized or even vague. 

New Facebook Ad Transparency Policy will Provide Users with More Detailed Information

A new Facebook ad transparency policy will give users more details about the content. And, it will also reveal where users’ information came from (for instance, a liked Page or recently visited website).

Facebook is also adding an “advertisers and businesses” tab. This will show users the names of the third-party companies that uploaded lists with their information.

Better yet, Facebook will allow users to adjust which ads are displayed in the future.

“Whether you’re new to Facebook or have been using it for years, you should be able to easily understand and adjust how your information influences the ads you see. That’s why we introduced tools like ‘Why am I seeing this ad?’ and Ad Preferences over four years ago — to provide greater transparency and control. We made updates to these tools recently, but we heard feedback from people that they can still be hard to understand and difficult to navigate.”

Here’s a short explainer video from Facebook about its new ad information feature:

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