October 2, 2022
Facebook advanced local search

New Facebook Advanced Local Search Feature in Testing

A new Facebook advanced local search tool is currently in testing, to take on rivals Google, Yelp, and Foursquare with its rich personal data treasure trove…

Facebook facilitates over 2 billion searches every day. Now, it’s using that phenomenon to dive deeper into local search. “We think video is going to be a huge opportunity, same thing with search, and Instagram is really just starting to grow meaningfully as a business as well,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a stakeholder meeting last June.

New Facebook Advanced Local Search Option Now under Testing

Facebook is currently testing an enhanced local search feature to challenge Google Maps, Foursquare, and Yelp. “We’re testing a new way to discover where to go and what to do around you,” a spokesperson states. Much like its competition, the Facebook advanced local search tool works by leveraging local destination data on the network. But, the social media giant has the ability to deliver more personalized results based on a user’s individual interests and tastes.

“Enter a query like ‘dinner nearby’ or ‘bars nearby’ into Facebook’s search box, on the web or mobile, and it’ll return a box in Facebook’s search results that include a list of relevant businesses, along with their ratings on Facebook, a map, as well as which friends of yours have visited or like the places in question,” TechCrunch explains.

Facebook advanced local search screenshot
Credit: TechCrunch

The company isn’t providing much more information about the tool but did confirm it is in testing. Moreover, the social network won’t say how long the feature has already been in testing or what users can access it. When a query returns results, users do see local listings, with an option to “See all,” which contains a fuller list.

Just yesterday, Facebook Messenger Message Reactions and Mentions rolled out. The company also brought Facebook live video to desktop.

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