July 4, 2022
new Facebook user interface

It Looks Like Facebook is Planning an Overhaul of its Interface and It Strongly Mimics the Latest Messenger Redesign

A new Facebook user interface is being see by some users, possibly through a server-side switch, and it looks like the Messenger redesign…

There’s no question Facebook has suffered quite a bit in the way of scandals over the past several months (read: years). And, the majority of its injuries are self-inflicted wounds.

Just last week, CEO Mark Zuckerberg published a 3,200 word post about shifting the News Feed-centric social network toward a privacy-focused one. Whether this will work in any way, shape or form is debatable. But, it appears the company might be prepping a new user interface.

New Facebook All-White User Interface Appears in Server-Side Switch

The new Facebook interface for Android sports an overly white layout, which looks a whole lot like its recent Messenger redesign.

Although it bares a strong resemblance, there are some notable exceptions. For instance, the familiar blue header is now white. Also, active tabs are identified by a grey color. Additionally, it seems there’s room for a customizable shortcut in the header section.

Right now, the update is appearing to some users through a server-side switch, which people can’t manually trigger. Here’s a screenshot of the new Facebook user interface redesign to check out:

new Facebook user interface
Credit: Android Police

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