November 2, 2022
New Facebook Android Mobile App Menu Makeover Starts Rolling Out

Facebook is Beginning to Roll Out a New Menu for its Mobile App, Adding Colorful Shortcuts to Popular Sections

Facebook is starting to push out an update to its mobile application, which replaces the largely black and white list with colorful icon shortcuts…

Facebook continues to tweak its interface in different ways. The most recent change brings a lot of bold color to its menu on the mobile experience, shedding the blasé, black and white list and replacing it with rectangular shortcuts. 

New Facebook Android Mobile App Menu Makeover Starts Rolling Out

The new look is a big departure from its previous design, which included small icons, situated to the left of the screen. Previously, it used a list format, against a stark-white background and a search field on top:

old Facebook menu look
Credit: Kim Komando

Now, the search area has been shrunk to a magnifying glass pinned to the right, with large, rectangular blocks in two columns:

new Facebook Android mobile app menu

The shortcut icons remain pretty much the same and like before, it’s not possible to rearrange the section shortcuts to customize the interface. When it first appears, a short note accompanies it, which reads, “Introducing a New Look. We’ve updated the menu to make it easier to find the things you use most.”

Presumably, this means the sections users most go to regularly are those which will appear first.

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