May 1, 2021
Facebook background location tracking block

Facebook Now gives Android Users the Option to Block Background Location Tracking on their Mobile Devices

Facebook has introduced a new option for Android users to turn off background location tracking, borrowing from an existing iOS feature…

Social network Facebook has added a new privacy control to its Android app. It prevents the digital program from accessing users’ location when the app isn’t open. 

New Facebook Background Location Tracking Block for Android Unveiled

Prior to this, there were only two settings. Users could opt to block all Facebook background location tracking or allow it to run freely. There was no way to customize it — existing only as a binary choice.

(This is due to how Android works. Google requires apps obtain users’ permission to access location data. But, it doesn’t provide any options when said data can be used. Meanwhile, Apple already includes a block for apps location tracking, so it’s not needed in the Facebook iOS app.)

Of course, the takeaway from the announcement is what’s not specifically stated. It implies Facebook tracked users with Android devices, even when the app wasn’t open. 

With the ability to turn location tracking on, Android users can decide when to let Facebook collect such information with the flip of a switch.

Recent news reports allege Facebook actually used the tool to track interns who failed to show-up for work and on users the company deemed as threats.

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