January 27, 2022
new Facebook bullying and harassment tools

Facebook Introduces New Ways to Fight Back against Bullies and Harassment

New Facebook bullying and harassment tools are coming to the web and Android, with iOS to soon follow, to help people feel safer online…

Facebook is no stranger to controversy. In the past several months, the social platform has had to deal with data scandals and plenty more. And, with some 2.2 billion users, it’s inevitable a few bad apples will attempt to ruin the bunch. Bullying and harassment are sadly all-too common online. When people hide behind anonymous profiles or even post under their real names, conversations can easily get overheated.

New Facebook Bullying and Harassment Tools Announced

Today, Facebook announced it’s bringing to new ways to fight bullying in and harassment on its platform. The new Facebook bullying and harassment tools come in the form of more granular user controls:

“We’re introducing a way for people to hide or delete multiple comments at once from the options menu of their post. This feature is rolling out on desktop and Android and will be available on iOS in the coming months. We are also testing ways to more easily search for and block offensive words from appearing in comments.”

Facebook states that people who are flagged will have the option to “appeal decisions on cases involving bullying and harassment.” Additionally, the company is expanding its protections for public figures:

“Earlier this year, we expanded our policies to guard against the harassment of young public figures on Facebook. In the coming weeks, we will further expand our policies to better protect public figures against harassment regardless of age. For example, severe attacks that directly engage a public figure will not be allowed under the new policy.”

Furthermore, Facebook offers an online safety and anti-bullying programs. One such partnership is wit the Nation Parent Teacher Association in the U.S. And, there are other programs in other countries.

Watch a short explainer video below:

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