January 17, 2022
New Facebook Coronavirus Menu Shortcut Comes as Usage Rises Steeply

Facebook Adds Coronavirus Section to Mobile App Menu as Site Usage Skyrockets

Facebook has added a new shortcut for information to its mobile app, as the company reports a astronomical spike in traffic…

The world’s largest social media network is doing all that it can to give people access to information about COVID-19. So, it’s added a new shortcut that brings users to a curated section of the most up-to-date information about the pandemic disease. This, while the social corporation reports that it has experienced an enormous spike in usage, particularly among its communication platforms.

New Facebook Coronavirus Menu Shortcut Comes as Usage Rises Steeply

With information coming at a fast and furious pace about the coronavirus outbreak, social media portal Facebook says that it has seen a gigantic increase in user activity.

For instance, total messaging activity across its communication apps have recorded an increase of 50 percent, while video calling has doubled in some of the markets it serves. As a result, the company states it is having difficulty maintaining stability across its products.

Although it may be the largest social platform by user account, with more than 2.5 billion people registered, its communication apps are largely or completely devoid of advertisements. Which means the company does not earn any ad revenue from these services, which costs money to build, maintain, and improve. So, this is a net expense, coming at a time when thousands of its employees are working at home.

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