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Facebook is Starting to Give more Desktop Users Access to its Dark Theme after a Limited Trial Run

new Facebook desktop dark mode

Credit: Facebook / The Next Web

After a lengthy test period, Facebook is starting to bring its dark theme to more desktop users, accessible through the settings menu…

Back in April of last year at its F8 Developer’s conference, social network Facebook teased a new desktop experience that sported a dark theme. Since that time, only a limited number of users have had access to it. But now, that’s changing in a big way, as the company says the majority of its users will have the option soon.

New Facebook Desktop Dark Mode Expands to More Users

The new Facebook desktop dark mode serves as an alternative to the stark white interface people are familiar with seeing. Where available, it can be toggled on through the settings menu by selecting “see new Facebook.” (There’s also the ability to switch back, for those who don’t like the dark theme.)

For those who have the power to turn it on, it looks a lot like the mobile app and Messenger — both of which have the option. For the most part, there’s less visual clutter and overall navigation is a bit easier. Also, the home page and any transitions load faster, according to TechCrunch.

Though it’s not an automatic, sitewide, and mandatory switch, it could well be in the not-too-distant future. For now, it’s optional.

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