November 4, 2022
New Facebook Discover Android App Provides Free Data

Facebook Unveils ‘Discover’ a New Version of its Free Basics Internet Service

Facebook has released a new take on its Free Basics “web for all” platform, called “Discover,” for the mobile web and Android…

Social media giant Facebook introduced “Discover” this week, a new version of its Free Basics service, in Peru. Discover works on the mobile web and through an Android app, both provide users with a daily balance of free internet access, supplied by participating mobile carriers. It’s overall purpose is to give internet connectivity to people who’ve already gone through their existing data allotments.

New Facebook Discover Android App Provides Free Data

Facebook’s original take, Free Basics, operated under a “web for all” philosophy, but that ran into a number of problems and even created some controversy, the latter because it was criticized for violating net neutrality since it allowed access to some websites but denied access to other web properties. Facebook says it took all those experiences into consideration while building Discover.

However, it’s not a robust portal to the internet. For instance, because of its design, which is intended for spotty connections in emerging markets and undeveloped regions, it only supports low-bandwidth traffic. That means it does not work with heavy media, such as video and audio.

Yoav Zeevi, Facebook Product Manager, writes on the Tech@Facebook site, the following:

“Discover is a mobile web and Android app that can be used to browse any website using a daily balance of free data from participating mobile operators. In order to offer a sustainable program with our mobile operator partners, Discover supports only low-bandwidth traffic when using free data. Video, audio, and certain other types of data-intensive traffic are not supported when using free data. All websites are treated equally.”

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