October 27, 2021
Facebook Discover people banner

Facebook is Now Trying to Connect Total Strangers Together

A new Facebook ‘Discover people’ message now appears on users’ profile pages, prompting them to connect to others they never even met…

Logging onto Facebook is a regular habit for most folks. It’s just part of our daily routines. But, not all is well over at the world’s largest social network. In fact, it’s experiencing some troubling trends in key markets. 

New Facebook ‘Discover People’ Banner Now Appearing

Facebook continues to suffer from what it internally calls “context collapse.” That is, while people are spending more time overall on the platform, fewer people are posting original content. The trend represent a decline in “original content broadcasting.” But, this isn’t the only bad news. 

Back in March, users spent 24 percent less time on the site. That came after the company suffered its first-ever decline in usage in February in the United States. Then, just last week, a new Pew study revealed teens prefer YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat over Facebook. Moreover, the number of teens using the site fell from 71 percent 51 percent from 2015 to this year.

Combined, these are the reasons the social network continues to curate monthly memories and seasonal collages. (Which include: Spring MemoriesJuneJuly, and AugustSummer Memories, as well as September and October memory collections. Other recent curations are the Facebook February Moments video and Facebook Winter Memories.)

Now, Facebook is attempting to connect users with other users’ mutual friends or people with common interests. A new “Discover people” banner greets users visiting their own profile page:

Facebook Discover people

Tapping on the banner or clicking through it reveals a new landing page. It’s divided into sections, with “What’s New” at the top, below it is “People with Things in Common,” and others. All appear based on recent activities and user information:

Facebook Discover people page

The very fact this option appears is quite telling. It’s obviously an attempt to connect more users together to increase time-on-site and engagement. After all, Facebook is an ad company and its users are the product it sells.

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