September 15, 2022
Facebook harassment prevention tools

New Facebook Harassment Prevention Tools Rolling Out

New Facebook harassment prevention tools will do more to keep users safe on the social media platform, including stopping fake account creation and more…

Facebook just announced it is bringing new harassment prevention features to the social network. The tools will work on both Facebook and Messenger, to help foster a safer community, the company states.

New Facebook Harassment Prevention Tools Seek to Protect Users

Facebook created the tools due to user feedback. They are particularly suited to women and journalists, as well as other groups which experience higher levels of harassment. The social company states it is further cracking down on fake accounts. Facebook will now look at different signals like IP addresses. So, someone can’t circumvent the system simply by creating a fake account to further harass another user.

Facebook harassment prevention tools
Credit: Facebook

Additionally, Facebook is offering an ignore option to mute conversations. And, the sender isn’t notified the recipient activates the ignore feature. Messages marked ignored will now go to the Filtered Messages folder. There, users can still read messages without alerting the sender. At launch, this feature will only work for one-on-one conversations but will later expand to group messages.

Facebook already prohibits many forms of bullying and harassment. This includes deleted content  and/or disabled accounts. However, there are typically ways to circumvent the system. This workarounds can easily be a path to continue to harass. Moreover, it’s possible for things to accidentally slip by Facebook’s automated security measures.