October 1, 2022
New Facebook Live Audio Feature Basically Copies Clubhouse

Facebook’s Upcoming Clubhouse Copy ‘Live Audio’ is Really just a Copy of the Popular Audio-Only App

Facebook is unsurprisingly making its own version of the super-popular audio-only app, Clubhouse, and it’s essentially just an exact clone…

Facebook is notorious for copying whatever becomes popular that it didn’t originally create. So, why shouldn’t that be different when it comes to Clubhouse, the very popular, audio-only app? Well, Facebook’s version certainly is no exception and it’s really no different — literally. Developer and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi has figured out how to enable the new feature in Facebook’s mobile app. And, it’s pretty much a carbon copy of Clubhouse.

New Facebook ‘Live Audio’ Feature Basically Copies Clubhouse

Facebook’s new Live Audio feature would be integrated directly into Messenger Rooms. There, users can start live audio broadcasts, which is similar to both Clubhouse and Twitter’s Spaces. After a host creates a Live Audio room, he or she can invite others to join the conversation via a Facebook post, direct message, or by sharing a public link to the discussion room.

Images of the tool have already been shared and reveal what the feature might look like in-action. Of course, this is far from finished, so it could just be a mock up since it’s not at all functional at this time.

new Facebook Live Audio Clubhouse copy screenshots
Credit: Alessandro Paluzzi / Facebook

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