August 6, 2022
Facebook Live Audio

New Facebook Live Audio Feature Now under Testing, to Launch Next Year

A new Facebook Live Audio broadcast feature is now being tested with media brands, slated to roll out early next year for publishers and individuals…

Social media giant Facebook just announced Live 360, a 360-degree live streaming feature. Now, the social network is also going further into the live broadcasting foray, with a new feature called Facebook Live Audio. With it, users can voice broadcast to any of their subscribers.

New Facebook Live Audio Broadcast Feature Currently in Testing, Launching Next Year

The new Facebook Live Audio feature offers many uses for publishers, podcasters, and authors alike. Live Audio also provides an easy method of broadcasting inside low-signal or poor signal area, increasing its potential applications. Like Live Video, users can stream audio content straight to their followers’ News Feed and receive on-the-spot feedback, such as Q&A.

Facebook Live Audio examples
Credit: Android Police

Another useful feature is Facebook Live Audio continues to play, even when Android users go into other native mobile apps or on locked screen. For iOS, users will hear the broadcast while exploring the Facebook native app.

Currently, Facebook Live Audio is testing with media partners such as BBC World Service, LBC, and Harper Collins. The wide launch will occur sometime early next year, according to Android Police. Facebook is also testing a Topics to Follow feature. The social network just announced this week it is updating its algorithm to downrank low-quality web page experience links in the News Feed.

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