September 16, 2022
Facebook Memory recap stories

Facebook Launching Even More Memory Recap Stories, Updating On This Day Filters, and More

More Facebook Memory recap stories will hit the social network as the company also announces new filter updates to On This Day…

Recently social giant Facebook introduced a slew of memory recap stories. These include: Spring Memories, June Memories, July Memories, and its Good Adds Up video, which celebrated its 2 billion user mark. Now, the social network announces it’s adding more “memory recap stories.”

New Facebook Memory Recap Stories Announced

Facebook states after rolling out On This Day two years ago, the company learned which memories users most like. Because of this, it’s adding two new ways for users to relive memorable situations and celebrate special times.

Now, users will see more seasonal and monthly memory recaps right in the News Feed; like previous memory recap stories. Also, users can easily share these memories.

facebook memory recap seasonal and monthly
Credit: Facebook

Facebook Friendship Celebration

Along with added seasonal and monthly memory recap stories, Facebook is likewise introducing a new way to celebrate friendships. “We’re launching a new way to celebrate the actions that connect you and your community on Facebook. There are two types of moments where you may see these celebratory messages – when you make a notable number of friends on Facebook, and when your friends have liked your posts.” Over the next few months, the platform will roll out more like these.

facebook friendship celebrations
Credit: Facebook

Facebook states friendship celebrations are currently only shown privately to users. But, it plans to make these sharable soon.

Facebook On This Day Filter Updates Coming

Additionally, the company says it’s received significant feedback about On This Day. So, it’s making improvements, adding easy access controls and preferences. 

facebook on this day new controls and filter updates
Credit: Facebook

Furthermore, the social network is adding a feature that celebrates certain milestones, such as reaching 100 friends or 1,000 likes.

Finally, the company states it understands not all memories are good. Therefore, it’s developed ways to filter content which “will select photos we believe may be the most relevant and enjoyable to you.”

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