June 23, 2022
new Facebook Messenger app camera features

Facebook Messenger now Supports Boomerang Video, offers AR Stickers and Portrait Mode Photos

New Facebook Messenger app camera features include support for Boomerang videos, along with AR stickers, and even portrait mode…

Today, Facebook announced a few new features for its Messenger app camera. Users can now enjoy Boomerang video uploads. Plus, there’s a selfie mode which neatly automatically blurs out the background. And, a new augmented reality option which gives users the ability to include Messenger stickers in photos and videos.

New Facebook Messenger App Camera Features Announced, including Boomerang Video Support, Selfie Filters, and AR

With these additions, it means Facebook Messenger now counts five different camera modes. These are normal, video, text, boomerang, and selfie. (Ironically, Facebook announced its major Messenger redesign would heavily focus on simplicity and seriously pare down on it interface tools, only two short months ago.)

While AR effects certainly aren’t new to Facebook, with selfie masks and world effects available for some time now, the new AR stickers offer a bit more. The new stickers also include a huge amount of holiday-themed objects and much more.

The new Facebook Messenger app camera features are going live today worldwide for a majority of users. The options will also be available in the older version of Messenger, as well as its redesign.

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