September 11, 2021
Facebook Messenger AR games

Facebook Launches New Messenger AR Games, which are Very Similar to Snapchat’s Snappable Lenses

New Facebook Messenger AR games are here to play and bare a striking resemblance to the freshly released Snapchat Snappable lenses…

Facebook has now introduced  new augmented reality games, which users can play with up to six friends at a time. Two debut today: Don’t Smile, a game which challenges users not to smile first, along with Asteroids Attack, a spaceship navigation adventure.

New Facebook Messenger AR Games Roll Out

The new Facebook Messenger AR games are now available on the latest version of the chat app. To play, simply make sure the app is updated to the newest iteration. Then, open an existing conversation or start a new chat. Tap on the video icon in the corner of the screen. Tap the start button and select an AR game. The chat partner will receive a game time notification. (The recipient must accept the invitation.) If the challenge is accepted, participants are grouped into a live video chat.

Snapchat has likewise been experimenting with AR games which also involve users’ faces. The company launched its version, named Snappables, in April of this year. Snap, Inc. reportedly is planning on expanding its footprint into the gaming space.

Facebook already has regular games baked into Messenger. But, with this foray, it could widen its market share in the industry. The social network could also bring AR games over to its subsidiary, Instagram, as well. That platform claims 1 billion daily active users.