September 24, 2022
Facebook Messenger Discover

New Facebook Messenger Discover Tab Reintroduces Chatbots

The new Facebook Messenger Discover tab in the popular mobile messaging app now supports chatbots, allowing users to interact with businesses and brands…

Facebook isn’t quite done with bots yet. In the latest iteration of Messenger, version, the company inserted a new tab, called “Discover.” Tapping on the icon in the bottom right of the app launches a new interface, which contains bots.

New Facebook Messenger Discover Tab Gives Chatbots another Chance

The new Facebook Messenger Discover tab is now live for users in the United States. Going into the Discover tab opens Recently Used bots, Featured chatbots, as well as a list of categories to explore.

Apparently, Facebook believes bot technology is useful but it still hasn’t caught on widely in the United States. The social network already beefed up Messenger with another type of technology, Facebook M, the artificial intelligence virtual assistant. Facebook M now supports more capabilities, including reminders, as well as voice and video call suggestions.

“Our goal with Discover is to ensure that experiences in Messenger are compelling, high quality and easy to find. This latest update makes it even more intuitive for people to find what they care about most. And be sure to keep coming back – new experiences are always added!” Yingming Chen, Messenger Engineer, explains.

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