October 1, 2022
new Facebook Messenger Kids features announced

Messenger Kids just Introduced some New Features Designed to Help Keep Parents In-the-Know

Facebook has added some new options to Messenger Kids that give parents a little more information and control about their children’s activity…

Social media behemoth Facebook first launched its Messenger Kids app in December of 2017. Since that time, the service has faced quite a bit of criticism, particularly about children’s privacy. So, Facebook has made improvements here and there. Now, the company has added some new features.

New Facebook Messenger Kids Features include Parental Access to Chat Histories and Recent Images

Facebook has announced it’s making it easier for parents to see more details about their children’s activities on the app. It’s now possible to view more information about who their kids are chatting with, if they’re using video calling, along with a history of anyone their child has blocked.

The world’s largest social network is sending parents a brief message about the changes. Here’s the text of the email update:

“We’re making updates in Messenger Kids to give you and your child more control. Here’s what we’re changing:
Now, if your child blocks a contact:

  • They’ll remain visible to each other as contacts but can’t message individually unless your child unblocks them.
  • They’ll still be in group chats together, but your child can choose to leave the chat.
  • Chats with blocked contacts will stay in the inbox, so you can view them if you’d like.
There are new features in your Parent Dashboard:

  • You can view which devices your child’s account is logged into and log them out of devices they’re no longer using.
  • You can download your child’s information such as their messages.
  • You can remove contacts your child has blocked.
Visit your Parent Dashboard using the Messenger Kids shortcut within the Facebook app.”

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