August 8, 2022
Facebook Messenger Live Location

New Facebook Messenger Live Location Feature Allows Private Sharing

A new New Facebook Messenger Live Location feature lets user share their locations privately for an hour with other users directly or in a group message…

Starting today, a new Facebook Messenger Live Location sharing tool goes live on Android and iOS. Facebook apparently is attempting to transform its Messenger app into a more social-like experience with this addition. 

New Facebook Messenger Live Location Option Debuting Today

With the Messenger Live Location feature, users can share their whereabouts in real-time for an hour within a private direct or group message thread. Any recipients can then see the time to that particular destination by car.

“Live Location is super helpful when trying to coordinate with friends, telling people how close you are when you’re on your way to an appointment or even sharing where you are with your roommate when you’re on your way home at night,” writes the feature’s product manager Selena Wang

This move places Messenger Live Location squarely at odds with other apps like Foursquare Swarm and Down to Lunch. Live Location also marks the second attempt by Facebook to place map features inside of Messenger. It tried this in 2015 but dropped the feature, due to privacy concerns.

Using Live Location is simple: just enter a message thread and tap the Location button or find it in the More menu. Then tap the blue star on the map to share a live location.

“Many of us make plans on Messenger that involve finding each other, or letting friends and loved ones know we’re on the way. Sharing your location will also help some of you feel safer on the way home.”

Last week, Facebook introduced Messenger Message Reactions and Mentions.

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