September 20, 2022
Facebook mobile video ad tools

Facebook is Now Encouraging Brands to Target its Users with New Mobile Video Ads

Newly released Facebook mobile video ad tools will help brands better target audiences with product campaigns running from 6 to 15 seconds…

Facebook has unveiled a new set of tools to assist advertisers with creating video ads specifically fashioned for mobile devices. The tools give brands the power to transform still image ads into mobile-friendly video campaigns. The process yields mobile video ads optimized for the Facebook News Feed, Stories, and subsidiary Instagram.

New Facebook Mobile Video Ad Tools Unveiled

The social site released four new templates inside the Facebook Ad Manager suite which can achieve the following goals:

  • Promote a product (6 seconds): Focus on a key product to generate interest and sales.
  • Sell multiple products (6 seconds): Show a selection of products, promote a special offer and drive sales.
  • Show product benefits (15 seconds): Highlight product features, use case studies or explain how a product works.
  • Drive product discovery (15 seconds): Bring your brand to life and share what makes your product unique.

Facebook writes in the announcement video ads specifically tailored to mobile devices offer two big benefits:

“We’ve found that mobile-first creative has a 27% higher likelihood of driving brand lift and 23% higher likelihood of driving message association compared to video ads that are not optimized for mobile.”

The social network also introduced new tools to help convert existing videos into mobile-optimized ads. These include video cropping and simple video creation. Facebook makes the process simple with just a few clicks with an “animate” option that transforms content into mobile-first video.