September 20, 2022
Facebook News Feed Publisher Guidelines

New Facebook News Feed Publisher Guidelines Released

New Facebook News Feed Publisher Guidelines give publishers a quick list of do’s and dont’s to help improve user experience and combat fake news…

Facebook just rolled out some new publisher guidelines. Additionally, the company is pulling back the curtain a bit to explain how its News Feed algorithm works. This, in a continued effort to improve user experience. Also, to reduce unwanted content such as clickbait, spam, and fake news.

New Facebook News Feed Publisher Guidelines Introduced

The world’s largest social network established three new Publisher Principles:

  • Facebook users value meaningful, informative stories.
  • People on Facebook value accurate, authentic content.
  • Facebook consumers value standards for safe, respectful behavior.

What’s more, Facebook added “universal signals.” These signal improve the News Feed algorithm. This will enhance its ability to identify fake news and clickbait, as well. Moreover, the platform will not reward posts linking to low-quality websites. Or, those which contain sparse content and lots of ads.

The company also explains how its News Feed algorithm works. It uses an internal tool called “Ranking,” Adam Mosseri, Head of News Feed, explains. Ranking uses various signals to identify content users are likely interested in seeing.

The News Feed algorithm consists of three steps. “Inventory,” or the unseen post from friends and publishers followed, is the first step. The second is “signals,” or the age of a post, the internet connection speed, who posted it, and more. Third is “predictions,” or how likely a user is to comment, share, hide, or report stories. These three steps combined produce a relevancy score; Facebook orders posts based on that relevancy score. 

Watch the explainer video below:

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