September 17, 2022
New Dedicated Facebook News Section Rolls Out to All US Users

Facebook’s New News Section is Now Widely Available in the US, but Might Require a Bookmark to See It

Facebook has expanded its new dedicated News section to most users in the United States, but to see it might require a bit of repetition…

Facebook first revealed its plans to introduce a dedicated news section last October. Testing began and thereafter, it started to roll out to more users. Now, the company is making it more widely available to a greater number of American users — sort of. Although “millions more” now have access, it’s not exactly front-and-center.

New Dedicated Facebook News Section Rolls Out to All US Users

The social media giant has made its new dedicated News feed through a bookmark. This, despite the fact the social platform promised to put it on its own tab. But, it is still possible to get said tab, it just requires a bit of persistence. Interested users will have to “frequently” open the bookmark to make their intentions crystal clear.

Included with the roll out is another amenity — local news. It brings region-specific updates to the mix. Also, the “Today In” discovery feature will integrate into the News section over the next few weeks. Additionally, Facebook is testing and might introduce video, targeted notifications, breaking news, and recap digests, as well.

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