September 30, 2022
Facebook Page Insights video metrics

New Facebook Page Insights Video Metrics Announced

New Facebook Page Insights video metrics come to the social network with more data analysis of user engagement for brands advertising on the platform…

Facebook just unveiled new Page Insights video metrics, which include: aggregate minutes viewed, comparison enabling between current video metrics and historical benchmarks, and more. In a post, Anaid Gomez-Ortigoza, Product Manager and Mathumathi Velusamy, Software Engineer, write the updates will improve publisher analytics experience with more details now provided.

New Facebook Page Insights Video Metrics Introduced

Among the top requested insights for advertisers are aggregate minutes viewed. “Previously, we only reported on minutes viewed at the individual video level. We heard that publishers also want visibility into total minutes viewed across all videos on their Page. We are now adding a new aggregation in the video metrics section of Page Insights, which enables publishers to see minutes viewed across all videos on a Page.”

Facebook Page Insights video metrics screenshot
Credit: Facebook

The social network also simplified aggregate video view, made it simpler to track data across date ranges, as well as sorting top videos by views or by minutes. “Publishers can now easily rank their top fifty videos within a selected time period by minutes viewed or views and get a better understanding of how individual videos are performing relative to the group.”

Facebook also announced there are now over five million advertisers on the social network. By comparison, Instagram reached one million last month. Just six months ago, the social giant reached four million advertisers.

The company disclosed 75 percent of its advertisers are outside of the United States and nearly 50 percent have created ads on a mobile device. Facebook states ad growth is highest among businesses in Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, India, and Mexico.

Facebook Instant Articles call-to-actions just began to roll out and the company released a freeware version of its productivity suite, Facebook Workplace Standard.

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