July 15, 2020
Facebook Pages ad transparency tool

Facebook just Introduced a New Ad Transparency Tool

The world’s largest social network just released a new Facebook Pages ad transparency tool, giving users more pertinent information…

Facebook posted an article to its official blog today announcing new ways for users to see more information about ads run on Pages. The company states it’s doing so, in-part, to help “prevent abuse” on the platform.

New Facebook Pages Ad Transparency Tools Released

Now, users can View Active Ads which a Page is running on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and its other partner network. Even if a user can’t see a particular ad, it’s possible to log onto Facebook, visit the Page and select “Info and Ads.” There, users can see ads the Page is running, as well as report any suspicious activity.

Another feature, called More Page Information, is where users can “learn more about Pages,” even if those Pages do not run ads on the network. Here, users are able to see recent name changes and the creation date of the Page itself. Plus, the company plans to add even more information about Pages “in the coming weeks.”

Facebook states it will soon launch political ad labels and an archive in Brazil, prior to the October election. (The social site did the same the United States back in May.)

Facebook states the majority of ads run on its platform are legitimate. However, the company says it’s “…seen that bad actors can misuse our products, too.”

Watch a short explainer video below: