June 23, 2022
Facebook Popular Photos

Facebook is Testing a Self-Contained Feed within the Main News Feed called ‘Popular Photos’ — Here’s What it Looks Like

Facebook is now experimenting with a new feature that heavily borrowers from subsidiary Instagram, called “Popular Photos”…

The Facebook News Feed is a busy place. It’s chock-full of images, video, text, links, hashtags, ads, reactions, and comments. So, this can present a problem when users want to focus their attention just on pictures. For that experience, most people turn to Instagram. But parent company Facebook is testing a new feature that’s designed to deliver just that.

New Facebook ‘Popular Photos’ Test Underway

The experiment brings Facebook Popular Photos to the platform. It’s just a trial run now, so only a limited group of users are seeing it. If it did gain full release, users can simply tap on a photo in the News Feed to trigger an entire section of self-contained of pictures.

It sports a dark background and does remove some of the visual clutter to place the focus on the images.

It’s not entirely clear why Facebook would be experimenting with such a feature. The social network isn’t saying just yet but it’s probably not altruistic. 

Facebook Popular Photos screenshots
Credit: Facebook / TechCrunch

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