January 19, 2022
New Facebook Post CTA Format Spotted in Apparent Test

New Facebook Post CTA Format Spotted in Apparent Test

A new Facebook post CTA format shows up at the top of the News Feed for some users, in an apparent test to combat context collapse…

Users opening their Facebook app just might see a new post CTA or call-to-action format. Instead of black text with a white background, the new Facebook post CTA format sports a blue background with white text.

New Facebook Post CTA Format Appearing to Some Users

For many months, the social behemoth continues to struggle against what it internally calls “context collapse.” This phenomenon is a lack of original content broadcasting by its 2 billion users.

But, people are spending more time on the network, creating a dichotomy. Put another way, users are spending more time on the platform, but sharing less original content. Instead, users more often share posts from publishers and friends.

From mid 2014 to mid 2015, original posts, containing text and photos, declined by 21 percent. As a result, the social entity rolled out status update background colors in December of last year. This followed its conspicuous blow up of short posts under 35 characters, which increase the font size from 14 to 24. (Posts under 40 characters generate the most user engagement.) Additionally, the company changed its News Feed post ranking factors to encourage more original user content.

A February report by Mavrck revealed a 29.49 percent decrease in per user original posts. That survey included more than 25 million people. However, user engagement increased throughout last year, with a net annual growth of 26.06 percent. Engagement hit its highest levels of 2016 in July, November, with December capturing the most.

At this time, there’s no word on the official blog. But, it’s quite common for the social network to run small-scale tests in a limited number of markets. 

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