November 4, 2022
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Facebook Apparently Testing a New Post Reactions Notification User Interface

A different Facebook post Reactions notification user interface is apparently in testing, popping up on some Android devices but isn’t fully functional…

It looks like Facebook is testing a new post Reactions page but it’s only showing up on some Android devices. Normally, tapping or clicking on the globe icon sends users to a notification interface, where they can see friends’ Reactions. Now, that UI is changed, sporting a whole new look with different CTAs or calls-to-action.

New Facebook Post Reactions Notification User Interface Spotted

In the new experience, which is pictured below in a screenshot from an Android device, a list of friends’ Reactions appears, along with various options. First and foremost, tapping on the notification icon no longer sends a user to the original post; instead, a new landing page appears.

The landing page, titled “People who reacted,” features a different UI or user interface, with an option to “See recent posts from these friends,” which resides right at the top of the list. Additionally, there’s a Reactions snapshot, which details the number and types. The new page also gives users the option to Mention and Add friends. There’s also a “View Post” link which appears at the top right, under the search tool:

Facebook post reactions notification user interface

Unfortunately, tapping on the “See recent posts from these friends,” CTA caused the app to freeze and the infamous Android warning appears, reading, “Facebook isn’t responding. Do you want to close it?” This happened, regardless of the action taken on the page.

Also, the new post Reactions landing page did not appear on other Android devices running the same version of Facebook. So, it’s unclear how widespread this test is at this time. There’s also no mention of it in the official Newsroom.

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