September 18, 2022
New Facebook Recommendations for Group Race Discussions

Facebook Releases New Administrator Recommendations for Group Race Discussions

Facebook is now providing a set of new guidelines for group administrators, particularly for discussions that delve into racial topics…

Facebook, the world’s largest social network,  has issued new guidelines for group moderators.  This advice seeks to address a recent spike in heated race discussions amidst continued social turmoil. Going forward, apart from reviewing its policies, the company has come up with numerous recommendations aimed mostly at group managers. The newly introduced guidelines will aid the group admins to facilitate conversations on inequality and race relations. Groups are a crucial aspect of Facebook’s overall marketing strategy but managing discussions has posed a real challenge since their debut.

Some of the hottest and most difficult topics revolve around injustice and racial
discrimination in the United States and beyond. Moderators and admins regularly remove posts considered to be political and likely to provoke charged discussions. This results in aggrieved members forming splinter groups and sometimes even complete shutdown of original groups.

Facebook Issues New Recommendations for its Groups Race Discussions

As part of a solution to these types of contentious challenges, Facebook came up with a series of recommendations. For instance, group admins are required to generate a list of topics that are out of bounds to members. Also, group managers are at liberty to ban discussions on political candidates, certain legislative actions, and so on. (That is, if admins deem these talks will stoke members’ emotions, raise temperatures, and offend some members.) Previous recommendations, such as publishing a list of rules for members, did not have the desired effect.

In its latest recommendations, the social site suggests groups should include moderators and
administrators from affected communities. A suitable manager is one who takes time to learn as
much as they can about the topics. Additionally, one who allows a variety of divergent opinions from a diverse membership. An ideal group admin should be open to change, as well as acknowledge topical issues. Plus, trending events, and endeavor to approve posts before they are are approved for publishing.