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Facebook just Copied this Feature from Instagram, Doubling Down On its Overall Strategy

New Facebook Shopping Tab Debuts

Credit: Facebook

Facebook Shop debuts as a new tab within the main mobile app, marking yet another push into the world of e-commerce on social media…

Facebook continues its e-commerce initiative with a new test that’s now running in the United States. The social site has launched Facebook Shop as a tab on the flagship app. It serves as a place where users can find and purchase products without having to leave the mobile application. The company is simultaneously expanding its Shops product, which rolled out earlier to this on Facebook and Instagram alike.

New Facebook Shopping Tab Debuts

Facebook Shop is a take on its similar Instagram tool. Meanwhile, Facebook Shops is receiving new customization options, along with messaging, and insights for sellers to measure results.  Sellers and buyers can communicate through Messenger, Instagram Direct, and in the future, WhatsApp. Plus, sellers will also have the power to host Live Shopping events during which buyers can buy products through the stream.

None of this is exactly new (though it is more ubiquitous than it has been previously). Back in August of 2017, Facebook opened its Marketplace to actual retailers. This is merely an expansion of an ongoing campaign to not only keep people on the platform, but swallow up a good portion of the internet.

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