December 8, 2021
Facebook small business tools

New Facebook Small Business Tools Now Available

Some new Facebook small business tools roll out to the platform, including a dedicated council site to help brands grow their reach and sales…

New Facebook small business tools, primarily focused on mobile, come to the platform, to help companies expand their audience and increase revenues. Currently, there are 65 million businesses using Facebook Pages for mobile marketing and 8 million on Instagram. The company also claims over 5 million active advertisers on its primary site. 

New Facebook Small Business Tools Introduced by the Social Network

Among the new offerings are an Ads Manager App, Mobile Studio, Blueprint eLearning, a unified inbox, and the Facebook Small Business Council. The Ads Manager App let businesses access their ads performance on-the-go, with just a few taps.

Facebook Ads Manager App
Credit: Facebook

Mobile Studio helps businesses create effective ads, complete with tips and step-by-step instructions.

Facebook Mobile Studio
Credit: Facebook

Blueprint eLearning are a set of courses which show businesses best advertising practices. Available in ten languages and used by more than 1 million creatives (half are small businesses), this studio provides helpful information.

“Some top courses include, Facebook Terminology to A/B Testing, to Successful Campaigns Best Practices, and we’re adding new courses each month. In fact, almost 2.5 million eLearning courses have been taken by people across more than 150 countries, and 50% of our total course enrollments are taken by small or medium business owners and employees,” the company states.

Another tool, announced in November of last year, is a unified inbox for Facebook Pages, Messenger, and Instagram. Previously only available on mobile, it’s now live on desktop.

Facebook Pages unified inbox
Credit: Facebook

Businesses can run campaigns and use the following solutions, quoted directly from Facebook:

  • International Lookalikes can help businesses find new people that look like their best customers in other countries.
  • Worldwide/Global Region targeting can help businesses set up a global campaign and find efficient conversions.
  • Country Snapshots and Insights Playbook can help businesses create customized campaigns in each country.

Additionally, the social network built a site called the Facebook Small Business Council, currently available in the U.S. “This new site features stories of dedication, passion, and resilience from more than 40 businesses across a variety of industries and geographies, but who share a common belief in the importance of serving their customers, their communities and each other.”

Facebook also just introduced Page Insights video metrics. The company likewise introduced new Instant Articles call-to-action units.

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