June 22, 2022
New Facebook Test Automatically Shares Instagram Stories to the FB News Feed

Facebook is Tired of People Not Using FB Stories, So it’s Automatically Pulling them from Instagram

Facebook struck gold by copying the stories format from Snapchat over to Instagram, but they’re still largely absent from the flagship…

When Facebook released its Snapchat clone, Instagram Stories back in March of 2017, it was a near instant hit. The format was already very popular, which is precisely why Facebook copied it. Meantime, it’s seen different versions, including one for Messenger, and of course for the main Facebook app. However, the latter still has yet to really catch on with users. So, Facebook is simply choosing the voluntary option for them.

New Facebook Test Automatically Shares Instagram Stories to the FB News Feed

Thus far, it’s been possible to share an Instagram Story over to Facebook. But, it’s a manual process, which means very few people ever use it. Now, Facebook is running a little experiment that automatically posts Instagram Stories over to the main app’s News Feed. The test has already been confirmed, which provides a little inside into Facebook’s intentions.

Since its billions of users aren’t keen about the stories format on Facebook itself, the social network is opting to bring that type of content to the flagship via its Instagram subsidiary. Though there’s no real empirical data, anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that people feel the stories format is much more natural to Instagram than it is to Facebook.

Whether or not the experiment will pay off for Facebook remains to be seen. But it is a clear indication that Facebook’s large user base simply prefers Instagram for the short-form video format. Although, it could spur higher engagement, but realistically, that scenario is unlikely to materialize.

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