November 2, 2022
New Firefox Focus Helps Keep Web Activity Private

Mozilla Puts Privacy and Speed at the Top of its Firefox Web Browser Experience

Mozilla completely redesigned its Firefox browser earlier this year, and now, it’s increasing its privacy protections and its destination speed…

Mozilla might not have the most popular web browser with Firefox. (Currently, Google’s Chrome dominates, with over 65% market share, and Safari takes second with 18.4%, with Microsoft’s Edge taking third place with 3.76% and Firefox places fourth with 3.67% market share.) But, Firefox is very well-known for its privacy prowess, which it is now bolstering with a new web portal.

New Firefox Focus Helps Keep Web Activity Private

Since its debut in 2015, Firefox Focus made it simple for mobile users to perform super-quick searches. It did so by removing all distractions and users didn’t even have to open their browser. Now, Mozilla has given Firefox Focus a refresh, which includes new colors, a new logo, a dark mode, and a new shortcut feature. Plus, it also contains the privacy Tracking Protection Shield icon in Firefox Focus’ search bar which can be used to quickly turn individual trackers on or off by taping the shield icon.

With these improvements, it’s a faster experience and one that’s far more private than other browsers offer. Moreover, the overhauled app is available on both Android and iOS. Additionally, the Android version can now seamlessly access any of the passwords saved in the Firefox’s password manager on mobile.

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