September 16, 2022
New Firefox Lite Travel Planning Tool goes Live

Firefox Introduces a Travel Planner to its Lite Version and it’s Not Really that Helpful

Mozilla has introduced a travel planning feature in its Lite browser, but it’s strangely confusing, instead of being organized…

Tech company Mozilla has released a number of its Firefox browsers for the Android platform, including one for regions with poor data and internet, called Firefox Lite. However, despite the label, the app is becoming more and more cluttered.

New Firefox Lite Travel Planning Tool goes Live

A recent update to the Firefox Lite browser for Android brings a new Travel button that appears on the New Tab Page. Of course, users are able to search by location and people probably expect it returns relevant travel tools. However, that’s oddly not really the case.

Instead of listing things to see and do, recommended restaurants, and other helpful information, it displays a shortcut to Instagram hashtags, along with a few YouTube videos, plus multiple hotel recommendations.

It’s a cacophony of listings that are travel related but not actually helpful in planning a trip. What’s even more ironic, is by adding this option, Firefox Lite is now among the most bloated mobile internet browsers.

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