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The Makers of a Disposable Phone Number Tool Now Offer a Robocall Blocking App

Firewall robocall blocking app

Credit: Ad Hoc Labs

Ad Hoc Labs, the maker behind a neat temporary phone number tool, now offer a new robocall blocking app called Firewall…

The folks who brought the public a nifty temporary phone number tool are now out with a new robocall blocking app.

New Firewall Robocall Blocking App Debuts

The new offering, called “Firewall,” is touted as the “first and only” service which can filter out unknown callers, as well as detect automated-dialers. Thus, it will only allow approved numbers through — all others it will block and won’t ring users’ phones.

It works by providing a contact whitelist of numbers. Any other incoming calls are sent straight to voicemail or blocked outright. (The latter requires known scam numbers and robocalls.)

Additionally, Firewall lets users place anonymous outbound calls. When used, it provides the recipient with a temporary number to phone back.

“Firewall is the first and only app that handles all of the incoming calls to your number, passing through only the callers you’ve designated as your “whitelist” and sending the rest straight to voicemail (or to oblivion, if it’s a known scam or robocaller). Firewall has lots of other bells and whistles too, like high-quality voicemail transcription, easy ways to add new callers to your whitelist, and even an anonymous outbound calling feature.”

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