September 21, 2020
free Verizon robocall blocking app

Verizon will Soon Offer a Free Version of Its Premium Spam Call Blocker

A free Verizon robocall blocking app, based off its premium counterpart, will help customers automatically identify spam calls…

Mobile carrier Verizon is about to introduce a free spam call blocking tool. The company says it will begin to offer the free option at the end of this month. (Verizon already provides a paid service, for $2.99 per month.)

New, Free Verizon Robocall Blocking App Announced

The new Verizon freemium robocall blocking app, will debut by the close of this month, with instructions of how to download and use it arriving by week’s end. 

It’s definitely welcome, given last year alone, Americans received 26.3 billion robocalls, representing an increase of 46 percent from 2017.

Although the national Do Not Call Registry came into existence in 2003, the volume of robocalls continues to grow, year after year. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission reports taking a whopping 500,000 complaints per month about spam calls.

The new Verizon robocall blocking app comes after AT&T and Comcast announced a partnership to test their technology to combat robocalls.

The system uses the SHAKEN/STIR or “Secure Handling of Asserted information using toKENs” and “Secure Telephony Identity Revisited” protocol. This helps to identify legitimate numbers but does not actually prevent people from receiving spam calls.

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