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Gmail can Now Add Email as Attachments to Reduce Forwarding Multiple Messages

forward Gmail email as attachments

Credit: Google

Google has made it possible to cut down on forwarding different communications by adding multiple email messages as attachments…

Even after all these years, email remains surprisingly stuck in the past among its technological peers on the internet. Although there have been some significant improvements, simple tasks often take quite a bit of time and effort.

Take for example forwarding email messages. In order to forward multiple conversations to another person, it’s necessary to either copy and paste, or to download. Google has come up with a way to get around the extra steps with a new Gmail feature that allows people to send email as attachments.

New Gmail Email Attachment Feature Introduced

The new Gmail send email as attachment tool helps to streamline the process, simply by selecting desired messages and forwarding them to another party.

Rather than highlighting text, copying it, pasting it, reformatting it, and having to repeat the process for other communications, it’s now possible to simply choose one or more messages to send on to someone else outside the initial conversation.

Just drag and drop or select emails to forward by clicking on the overflow menu and choosing “Forward as attachment.” This allows people to forward one or more messages without having to create a new email.

See it in-action below:

Credit: Google
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