October 19, 2021
Gmail Material Design update

It’s Here! Gmail’s New, Overtly White Revamp, Rolls Out to All Android Devices

The big Gmail Material Design update is now available to all Android users, rolling out widely this week and sporting a whole lot of white space…

Tech colossus Google first introduced its new design principles in 2014, aptly called Material Design. Since then, it’s been renamed Material Theme.

And, its elements have been applied to a number of Google’s products, including Drive, Translate, Photos, Calendar, Tasks, and Gmail for the web. Now, the same elements have arrived on Gmail for mobile.

New Gmail Material Design Update Widely Rolling Out this Week

The new Gmail Material Theme update includes plenty of white. It sheds the familiar red header in favor of more white space and brings a cleaner UI. 

Although the functionality isn’t that much different, it does carry over the new multi-colored compose plus sign. Also, the static header is now an active search bar. Additionally, it includes a new way to switch accounts on the fly with a shortcut.

Rumors suggest Trip Bundles, as well as other beloved Inbox features, might eventually make their way over to Gmail. Also, two more useful tools, text strike-through and undo/redo could also be added.

The latest refresh is now available for Android and will soon become available for iOS in the near future.

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